Eurosha project

In 2012-2013, France Volontaires coordinated a pilot project called EUROSHA.

The Eurosha project brought toguether 26 young volunteers from different EU Member States. These countries are : Italy, Czech Republic, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria. There are also 8 others volunteers from 4 pilot countries : Burundi, Chad, Kenya, Central African Republic.

There were selected over the summer ’12, trained in France in September-October ’12, and then deployed for 6 months to these 4 countries, from mid-October ’12 to mid-April ’13, as country teams of 4/5 European volunteers and 2 national volunteers in each country. They were placed within a partner European host organisation, receiving operational and technical support from its field staff and from open-source information-sharing organisations.

The four pilot countries have been selected based on needs in the field, and as priority countries within ECHO’s humanitarian funding guidelines featuring complex and forgotten crises.
This project’s main objective was to develop a framework for humanitarian volunteering to guarantee the added value and the security of European citizens’ commitment to international humanitarian aid through volunteering, in order to improve the inclusiveness and efficiency of humanitarian aid. The Eurosha project aimed at demonstrating the added value EU volunteers can bring in addressing the crucial need for increased mutual knowledge and collaboration between local and international emergency management actors, in preparation for crises. One of the keys to this challenge is a more inclusive humanitarian information management system.

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