Hosting Organizations

« The Volunteering in Humanitarian Aid – Hosting Organisations » project foresees capacity building for non European countries.

Capacities will be inrease in order to prepare future EUAV projects :

  • where humanitarian and volunteering organizations would share a common culture,
  • where European Volunteers would fit into existing local volunteering dynamics and articulate with existing response mechanisms, especially in enhancing disaster risk reduction.


Objectives for VolinHA – Hosting Organizations

The VolinHA-Hosting Organizations project improves community resilience to crisis by :

  • building capacities of local volunteers,
  • positioning them as relays for future projects and counterparts to EU Aid Volunteers.
  • training of trainers followed by cascade trainings of local volunteers on first aid, disaster risk management as well as women led emergency response.

Partners in five third countries will select disaster prone areas, where will be these trainings.

To ensure the certification of host organizations, they :

  • will strengthen their capacity regarding volunteers’ management
  • will improve, with the support of three EU based partner organizations, their practices to the level requested by EUAV standards.

The VolinHA-Hosting Organizations will enable partners to prepare future EUAV projects by :

  • reinforcing links between humanitarian and volunteering organizations,
  • developing a culture of “humanitarian volunteering”,
  • assessing needs.

A special focus will be the coordination mechanisms with national emergency response management, in order to identify how local and future EU Aid Volunteers could articulate their work with existing clusters.

The VolinHA-Hosting Organizations partners being national level platforms or members of international networks. The project strives to broadly disseminate results in order to raise awareness of other stakeholders on EU Aid Volunteers initiative. It encourages certification of multiple host organizations and ensures the creation of robust partnerships within the consortium and beyond.



The “Volunteering in Humanitarian Aid – Hosting Organizations” consortium gathers 8 organisations partners working together towards capacity building.


France Volontaires partners

The France Volontaires platform promotes and develops International Exchange and Solidarity Volunteering. This projects voices the values put forward in the common charter to which volunteer-sending organisations and the volunteers adhere. 



ActionAid Bangladesh is the Bangladeshi affiliate of ActionAid, an international, non-governmental organization, fighting poverty and injustice around the world. It assists efforts and builds capacities of actors of civil society, engaged in safeguarding and promoting people’s rights. It supports for anti–poverty initiatives and sustainability of development interventions that are inclined towards creating a confident and responsible nation, free from poverty and indignity.

Croix Rouge Burkina Faso

Croix Rouge Burundi

Burkinabe Red Cross Society and Burundi Red Cross Society are humanitarian organisations, working in close collaboration with public authorities to :

  • Reduce the morbidity and mortality rate at a national level,
  • Reduce the vulnerability of risked communities prone to natural disasters all over the territory,
  • Mobilize a greater number of volunteers,
  • Strengthen the capacities of the National society in carrying on humanitarian actions.
  • Develop the capability of the volunteers to respond to any situation that may arise for them to participate in all phases of the disaster relief. It increases the number of volunteers to be mobilized when needed.

The Burkinabe Red Cross is a member of the platform for volunteering organization and of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. 
The Burundi Red Cross chairs the national society network for nutrition, food security and coordinates the disaster relief action and is in charge of the National Commission for International Human Rights.

Comhlamh Ireland

Comhlámh is a member and supporter organisation open to anyone interested in social justice, human rights and global development issues. Its objective is to enable to bring to bear their own particular experience in order to further international development co-operation. It most notably advocates of good practice in volunteering for development, promote and support volunteers and development workers to critically engage in volunteering and action for development. 



FOCSIV is a Federation of 73 Christian Organisations of International Voluntary Service. Its promotes international voluntary service as a specific asset for human development in a perspective of partnership with local population and sustainable development through lobbying actions towards public and private institutions.

 Pastoral Social Caritas Ecuador

Pastoral Social Caritas Ecuador consists of 24 jurisdictions (national dioceses and parishes). Beyond a welfare approach, it works on these different thematics : integral human development, focused on giving priority to food security, risk management, humanitarian aid and sustainable economic development, with cross-cutting objectives such as the promotion of women and human rights.


Red Cross Philippine

Philippine Red Cross is the first humanitarian organization in the country. It provides quality life-saving services that protect the life and dignity especially of indigent Filipinos in vulnerable situations. There are six major services: Blood Services, Disaster Management Services, Safety Services, Health Services, Social Services, Red Cross Youth and Volunteer Services.



Associate partner

La Guilde

The European Guild is a sending organisation which sends hundreds of volunteers each year in short-term or long-term mission.
Already certified as a EU Aid Volunteers sending organisations, the European Guild is tasked with the coordination of the consortium.