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Infoday EU Aid Volunteers in Paris

Infoday of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative mde by European Executive Agency took place in Paris last  March 23rd 

Sixteen French organizations met on last 23rd March in France Volontaires’s office to participate to an Infoday on EU Aid Volunteers proposed by the Executive Agency. Along the day, the representatives of the European Commission explained main aspects of EU Aid Volunteers initiative to organizations either already involved or interested.  

Organizations from various fields were present:  humanitarian like Red Cross, volunteering such as DEFAP, or even renewable energy with Blue Energy.

After a presentation by the Executive Agency on capacity building, technical assistance, certification and deployment, the afternoon was dedicated to workshops between organizations involved in the project and interested structures. 


Participants had a chance to exchange about practical details of the initiative with experienced organizations as La Guilde Européenne du Raid, ACTED, ADICE and France Volontaires.

ACTED and La Guilde presented how they are invested in the program and the feedback of the 1st volunteers who were sent on the field( Ecuador, Haïti and  for example). Volunteers of EU Aid Volunteers could work on projects addressing the needs of teh population in terms of capacity building, climate-smart techniques, gender equality and resilience.

Whereas France Volontaires and ADICE presented the capacity building part of the initiative, local structure are training local volunteers to give a better response to the risks in such country as  Ecuador, Burundi, India or Peru. In Volinha-HO project local volunteers in Burundi are promoting and teaching about unhealthy behaviour and disease risks. On her side, ADICE is working on capacity building in India to strengthen logistic aspect, identification of the needs and volunteering management.

A summary of the discussions is available online
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