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EU Aid Volunteers : Open public consultation from ECHO

After 3 years of efficiency, DG ECHO decided to launch a public consultation about EU Aid Volunteers initiative. To implement coordination and operational outreach, its coordinate a mid-term consultation open to everyone : stakeholders and citizen.

To continue the work in partnership which has be done from 2014, DG ECHO propose this consultation as an opportunity to express their views on the performance of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative .Its also aim to gather information and data that cannot be found through desk research and additional sources of evidence. The results will be utilized by the Commission to feed into the future program design and resource allocation. The evaluation will also provide recommendations including on how to ensure sufficient outreach of the Initiative.

This public consultation is open to anyone who wants to have a say until the 31 October 2017. The final report will be published in the EU Bookshop and on the DG ECHO website related to evaluations – European Commission.For the applicants, there are two different questionnaires: